New Coaching Program

Launching June 2023

Discover the Power within you  A guided transformational coaching journey

Awake the power within you

8 week - Transformational coaching program
+ 4 months support

Are you fed up of waking up each day, thinking is this it?

Feeling worthless and unvalued, used, abused, carrying deep hurt and pain from things that have happened in the past, or in the present.

Are you afraid to reach out, believing nobody cares? Or you feel you've tried every therapy
possible, and nothing works. Do you wish you had a greater purpose, the ability to wake up, looking forward to each day, feeling valued and loved, looking forward to the future and not fighting the impact of the past.

Are you fed up of living a mundane life, of living a life where you feel you have no voice and others are putting their pain and frustrations upon you, while giving you nothing in return? Are you feeling powerless and frustrated, is your peace driven out by the noises and voices of those around you and the voices in your head feeding you negatives?

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Are you ready to discover your journey of transformation from the inside out. A journey that will move your life from

  • despair to hope
  • breakdown to breakthrough;
  • fearful to fearless
  • survivor to overcomer

Are you ready to reach for your dreams, be it

  • starting a new relationship
  • new job, new opportunity
  • starting a business
  • becoming a coach, mentor or entrepreneur

Do you want to...

  • live a life of empowerment and start to discover your purpose.
  • increase your focus and self-awareness and ultimately save money from living a mundane life to living a life of purpose and empowerment
  • find your voice and see others as equals?

But are you...

  • ready to invest in yourself? Both in time and financially?
  • committed to change your path to live a life of freedom and peace. 
  • build greater relationships, find peace and confidence in your decisions, peace within yourself and those around you. become unstoppable and rise up to the dreams and goals within you? 
  • challenge yourself to reach for those dreams you have buried within yourself.

What fear is stopping you from taking the next step?

The famous George Addair once said, EVerything you've ever wanted, is sitting at the other side of fear.

As the famous W Stone would say, DO IT NOW.

I say, Why let fear keep holding you back, you are an amazing person with so much potential that others need to see and value, so why put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

You may ask yourself, what next, how can I achieve this, is it really possible?

My life is testament to the transformation life that you can you lead, and I have some great news for you. If it's possible for me, it's possible for you.

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8 week transformational coaching program

  • 1 x 1 day - IMPLEMENTATION DAY 
  • Weekly MASTERCLASS coach
  • 4 x personal coaching
  • Workbook
  • Journal
  • Group Celebration
  • Facebook group - Community
  • WhatsApp Group
  • PLUS. More....

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