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I really enjoyed the First Aid Mental Health course! I learnt a huge amount of things including the correct definitions and symptoms of certain mental health conditions that I wasn't clear about before taking the course. Sue was extremely friendly and lovely and made everyone feel really comfortable and at ease about everything including the  assessment. Would highly recommend!

Melanie Sambrook

The course was very productive and I was able to learn much throughout the presentation and now I'm happier gaining another qualification that can help me in the future, I'd recommend the course to others to better themselves and self knowledge!

Jaden Kelly

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As a professional in the mental health field, I was extremely impressed with the presentation and coverage of the course.

It covers all of the major elements about depression and dealing with it in a very gentle, but authoritative manner, without the use of jargon or going into too much detail.

Mark Newey

Speaking as a Ugandan psychologist, this course is an amazing arena of enormous understanding into depression, what an opportunity to have these insights and the in-depth knowledge I have earned and learned from participating in this course.
"Looking into depression" ·Has ignited my consciousness/ my cognition understanding into:
·* What depression is,
·* How depression feels,
·* How to seek and render support.
·* The course sectional approach encompasses all the basic knowledge that one needs.
The broader in-depth look into depression, concise and precisely designed to fit everyone globally

Robert Muyanja
Community Psychologist / Mental health support
The next generation project

I now feel I have a better understanding of how to support friends, family, and work colleagues. It was a great introduction to understanding depression and has made me feel more confident in supporting others. 

The major strengths would be a mixture of presentation and video. The quizzes and workbook help you to focus.

Enjoyed doing this online course. I could work around my other commitments.

Janette S

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