Do you have a plan?

Sue Cartwright

Fail plan, plan to fail

I know the times when I fail to plan, life does not go according to the way I think it should. However, when I plan, when I look at the steps, I need to take me from A – B, things start to become clearer and more manageable.

Is there something that you need to plan for this week, a new career, a project, a relationship, a holiday?

…A bit about me and my plans...

I have always had an interest in mental health (partly due to my own battles) and those of friends and family. This included for example, depression, anxiety and PTSD.

When I was younger, I never believed I could do anything, I did not believe I had any value or worth (I am sure there are some who can identify with this), let alone teach. I went on to qualify as an Adult Education Teacher. Initially, my focus was business processes and IT training. However, when given the opportunity, I would speak about mental health.

…the stigma battle

For a long time, I believed, that by speaking about mental health, which was often seen as a taboo subject, I would be stigmatized. I was not ready for that! 😊

Over the years, I have continued to write down my thoughts, learnings  and interactions with others. Believing one day, I might be ‘brave’ enough to expose my mental health challenges to others.

But for a long-time stigma has, and continues to in some situations, prevented me from reaching my full potential. However, I am determined to bring light into the darkness, where stigmas has driven so many people to a dark and lonely place. Often being afraid of sharing what it is they're truly feeling for fear of being stigmatized. 

Stigma should never stop a person from seeking the help they need. It needs to be highlighted and driven out, so that people can become their true authentic selves. 

...becoming a reality

When the pandemic hit and mental health started to become more out in the open, I started to think and plan about how I was going to use my personal experience, my writing, and my training experience to the benefit of others.

As a result, I qualified as a Corporate Mental Health Facilitator and First Aid for Mental Health Instructor. I also started to develop a website, with the aim to educate, empower, and promote mental health. I use the message that we all have mental health just as we all have physical health, and just as we can have physical illnesses, so too we can have mental illnesses. Sometimes they are short and heal quick, but at other times, they need on-going support.

I believe that by educating, empowering and promoting mental health, people who struggle with mental health conditions or who have ‘bad days can see that there is hope. There are options, and they don’t need to hide away their feelings.

By bringing mental health more into the open, companies can see the benefits and value of working with people with mental health conditions and/or staff who are having a ‘bad day’, rather than seeing people with mental health conditions as a drain on resources.

The future

My plan is to keep training, keep empowering and keep raising the profile of mental health using whatever method I can.

I believe that by highlighting the importance of a positive mental health and wellbeing culture for employees, employers will see a reduction in the number of sick days, greater relationships with employees and co-workers, and an increase productivity and profitability.

What are your plans?

  • Where are you today? 

  • Where would you like to be in a week, month or year from today? 

Whatever your goal, be it a new career, a project, a relationship or to travel the world, start today by planning it out. It will become easier to manage.

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