Tips for helping you cope with Covid 19

It's no secret COVID 19 has impacted us all in one way or another, but how do you manage to keep yourself mentally healthy when you can't always do the things you once did?

Maybe you've found yourself at home in isolation or caring for loved ones and not having the freedom to go out like you once did.

Keep in touch

Keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues
Use any methods available to you, and with what you're comfortable with:
  • Phone
  • Online - Teams / Zoom - choose if you want the camera on/ off - your choice
  • Writing - email / letters


Your thoughts and feelings are important - they are what make you, you.

  • Write down what you're thinking / feeling.
    You never know, one day, you might want to turn them into a book!

Learn a skill

There are lots of courses available online - why not try a new skill or develop some of the skills you already have. 

  • Are you a budding artists
  • Have you always wanted to look into your family history?

Reconnect with old friends

Have you lost contact with old friends, why not use the opportunity to reconnect - check in and see how they are doing.

Be kind to yourself

Make time for something you enjoy. For example:

  • Having a bath / shower
  • Watching a favourite movie
  • Reading a book

Play games

Connect with your family and friends and play games. Games can be played round a table, or online with friends if you live alone.

Have a meal

Use the opportunity to sit down as a family for meals, if possible, connect with another person, who is on their own and have a meal over Teams/Zoom with them. 

Make new friends

Join social groups with like-minded people where you can make new friends

Be thankful

At the end of the day, look back and see the things you can be thankful for. 

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