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ToDo Lists

Who manages the ToDo list?

Does your ToDo list manage you, or do you manage it?

For some ToDo lists are a vital part of their daily / weekly life. For others, they have a love hate relationship with them, while others choose not to use them at all.

For me, although I have a love/hate relationship with them, I know that when I use a ToDo list it helps keep me focussed and (usually) on track. However, there are times when I reflect on my ToDo list and beat myself up for not doing everything on the list.

Do you do that?

Why don't I complete my list?

  • The task isn’t really that important and didn’t need to be done so shouldn’t be on list!

  • Somebody else could do the task if I asked them.

  • The task is too big, and I need to break it down into more manageable tasks.

  • The task is too difficult, and I need help to move forward with it.

  • Priorities, I’ve focussed on the wrong tasks, completing lots of tasks, that maybe didn’t need to be done at all, or could have been passed to others, while putting off the important ones.

  • Distractions, I’ve been busy doing other things not on my list or not important.

ToDo lists and mental health

ToDo lists can impact mental health, a person can be driven and motivated by ToDo lists or overwhelmed and beating themselves up for not completing tasks.
ToDo lists are not designed to beat yourself up with, but as a tool to drive a person forward, motivate and keep focussed on the important things that need to be done.

When a ToDo list is impacting mental health, it's time to look at the value of the ToDo list. Is the ToDo list still the right tool to use? If not, what is the right tool for you? If it is, do you need to look at how to prioritise and manage the list more effectively?

Your challange...

As you face a new week, challenge yourself to prioritise your ToDo list and see what you can remove

Ask yourself....

  • What tasks you really need to do? What can you delegate or remove altogether?
  • Are there tasks that you can break down, or pass to others?
  • Are there tasks where you need to ask for help?

Let us know how you get on. 

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