From Despair to Hope - Here I am Empowered

In this book, the author, Sue Cartwright, seeks to focus the reader's attention by taking them on her journey of transformation from Despair to Hope and Empowerment.

This journey wasn't always easy, and at times Sue was misunderstood, rejected, abused, and ghosted. She shares with us, the reader, her battle with mental illness, including depression, anxiety, a breakdown, and a suicide attempt.

Everything within Sue told her she was a failure; she was no good to anybody and went around with a message on her head saying, 'use me, abuse me, hurt me', for that is my purpose in life.

The words within this book take you through some of the experiences that led Sue to owning those words before journeying through to changing the words on her head to say, 'Here I am EMPOWERED'.

Sue is passionate about helping others see their value and worth and that there is a way out of despair, that there can be a way forward and by using her life experience, her experience as a Corporate mental health facilitator and a first

aid mental health instructor; she seeks to educate others around mental health and its impact on relationships and their own personal life.
Sue introduces her ARC model, a strategy that she used and developed and which was vital in. her journey of recovery. This keeps her moving forward today and can be used In many ways to help people move through their life journey.

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From Despair to Hope: Here I am Empowered

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Absolutely fantastic book

What a amazing book, could not put this down. E Everyone can relate to Susan at some point in there life. She is a brilliant author and says it how it is.. Keep writing more books like this. Many thanks

Excellent read

This book takes you on a real life journey through Sue’s personal experiences and shows that through holding onto a faith in God there is a true purpose in life. The content is very engaging and will definitely be a great help to readers who may have experienced situations in their own lives or who may have friends and family who are struggling with life’s pressures. Sue’s ARC model will be a useful tool for readers to follow and help them move forward in their own personal situations.

Must read.

As owner of a Health Club in Sheffield, UK this book is essential for understanding and accepting mental health as a subject that needs to be addressed across all settings! Sue has opened up to talk about her past which has been traumatic to say the least but has helped her to become the empowered author and business owner she is today. And yes yes yes to the ARC model!!!

From Despair to Hope

I loved this book as I found I could relate to it in many ways and it has helped me believe in myself more. You are not alone!! There are people out there who care!! I will highly recommend this book.

Amazing read

5 stars all round , great book for someone who doesn’t read!!

Powerful personal insight

From Despair to Hope offers a detailed personal insight into Sue’s journey through abuse, trauma and despair. It highlights the impact of abuse on a victim, and Sue powerfully describes what this feels like and the many emotions involved in such a journey. The book then sets out a number of helpful strategies for both victims and for those seeking to understand how they can best get alongside and support people on their journey from despair to hope.

From Despair to Hope: Here I am Empowered

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