Supporting Individuals and Building Resilience

Previously called: Looking into Depression

By the author of

From Despair to Hope, Here I am Empowered

Depression is a common illness. 

According to the World Health Organisation, 5% of the adult population are affected. 

Individuals experiencing depression can include:

...individuals within the workplace
this is shown for example by sickness, reduced productivity and presenteeism - employees not being fully present or engaged when in work and this ultimately impact the company's bottom line.

Do you want to see sickness decreased, increased productivity and presenteeism, build stronger relationships and increase loyalty, if so this course is for you.

…friends, colleagues, clients and/or family member(s)

Do you have a friend, colleague or family member who experiences and lives with depression? Do you want to understand more about depression and its impact on their life and your relationships? If so, this course is for you.


Do you live with depression and want to understand more about what depression is and how to manage those crisis times? If so this course is for you.

By investing 3-4 hours of your time, you can learn about depression in and its impact in the workplace and relationships and learn keys that will help build stronger relationships through understanding more about the mental health condition depression.

About the course
This course is designed to provide you with insight into how depression looks and feels and how as supporters you can support a person who has depression. It looks at the relationships between the person with depression and employers/managers, colleagues, friends and family.

This course will take away some of the mystery around depression. It will provide 9 keys to help support a person with depression and 9 keys for a person with depression to use when they are struggling.
Did you know....
  • In early 2021, the Office of National Statistics suggested that 1 in 5 people has depression in early 2021.
  • Depression can lead to suicide.

For many depression is a misunderstood mental health condition, that prevents people from accessing and receiving the help they need.

This course will help:
  • educate people to understand more about depression, so that people can access the support they need from their employers/managers, colleagues, friends and family.
  • build stronger relationships, by learning how to communicate more effectively.
  • empower people to seek the help they need and/or give the support they can to help a person with depression.

By creating an environment where we all understand more about depression and its impact on a person's life and their relationships, we can build relationships that are more accepting and inclusive. For employers this can mean a reduction in business costs, through helping to reduce sick days and increase presenteeism, and friends and family by building stronger relationships.

This course enables a person with depression build the best network support they can. It does not take away the need for professional support such as medical support - doctor, counsellor, psychotherapist etc. 

"Please note, learners will not be able to diagnose or treat mental health conditions, as this can only be carried out by healthcare professionals, but will gain the knowledge to identify when a person may have a condition and know where they can go to get help."
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Course access 
Access to the course is for 1 month (from the date of registration), it's online, on demand training, providing easy access to the course and enabling you stop and start according to your timescales.
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Price includes
  • Approx 3-4 hours elearning
  • Access to the training portal
  • eCertificate of Completion
  • 1 month's access to the course.
  • Private Facebook group
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Who's this course for?
  • Anybody who has depression. This course will help you to reach out to employers/managers, colleagues, friends and family and provides you with keys on how to manage depression. 

  • Employers, managers, colleagues, friends and relatives - this course will help your understanding of depression and provide keys to supporting a person.

  • Healthcare professionals - this course will provide insight into depression and ways in which you can help a person who has depression.
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  • An internet enabled device
  • Basic literacy skills
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Mark says....
As a professional in the mental health area, I was extremely impressed with the presentation and coverage of the course. It covers all of the major elements about depression and dealing with it, in a very gentle, but authoritative manner, without the use of jargon or going into too much detail.

The course goes very gently into all of the elements around depression and how to deal with it. It is very thorough, without going into too much detail and losing somebody.

Mark Newey - Founder of and the Nation’s Mental Wellness Coach

Robert says....
Speaking as a Ugandan psychologist, this course is an amazing arena of enormous understanding into depression, what an opportunity to have these insights and the in-depth knowledge I have earned and learned from participating in this course.

Supporting a person with Depression has ignited my consciousness/my cognition understanding into:
  • What Depression is
  • How depression feels
  • How to seek and render support
  • The course sectional approach encompasses all the basic knowledge that one needs.
I'm awakened by the broader in-depth of how it feels and how to seek and render support to
  • understanding of what is depression,
  • how it feels and how to seek and render support to a friend, family, colleague, self well being etc  
This is a big deal in life

The broader in-depth look into depression, concise and precisely designed to fit everyone globally
Robert Muyanja - Community Psychologist/ mental health support – The next generation Uganda

Course topics include:

Introduction to depression
  • What is Depression?
  • What does depression feel like?
  • Who experiences depression?
  • Causes of depression
  • Signs and symptoms of depressions
  • What is stigma?
    Effects of Stigma
  • Changing our mindset

Supporting a person who has depression
  • Keys to supporting a person with depression
  • Starting a conversation 
  • Asking questions
  • Active listening

Helping yourself
  • Keys to support yourself when struggling with depression

Specific supporting roles
  • Supporting an employee
  • Supporting a colleague
  • Supporting a friend or family member

  • Signposting a person to additional help

  • Wellbeing for all