Let's talk mental health and...

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The Henka Effect

Lou Law - PTSD

Rachel Treece

Bestselling author, CEO of The Henka Institute and fts global
Talks about the Henka Effect - How coaching is transforming leadership and organisations

International Author
The lighthouse wellbeing

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Steve Williams

International Author, The Lighthouse Wellbeing

We talk about what's next after writing his book about the death of his mum.

Become unstoppable

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Julie Fitzpatrick

RTT® | Hypnotherapist |
Master NLP Coach

Become unstoppable in the prime of your life

Alcohol Free

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Andy Garwood

Alcohol Free and Life coach

30 and 100 day programmes
1:1 bespoke packages

NLP Building blocks

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Joe Roe

Mind MoJoe
Get Back Your Mind MoJoe With The Mental Health Coach Joe Roe

Fitness and nutrition

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Austin McIntosh  

Owner, TFC Sheffield and Retired footballer at Mansfield Town
Talks about his experience of fitness and nutrition on mental health

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Lou Law - PTSD

Lou Law

NHS Receptionist Trainer
Talks about her experience having been diagnosed with PTSD
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