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How are you prioritising your mental health?

What are you doing to prioritise your mental health this week?
We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health, and it is important that we protect our mental health and wellbeing.
Do not forget to ensure you make you time for your mental health and do some that you enjoy and that will help your mental health and wellbeing.

Congratulations and be kind to yourself

Whatever you've faced today, tonight take sometime to refresh yourself.

Be kind, reach out if you need to

If you're returning to work tomorrow for the first time in a long time, Take time to prepare yourself tonight and do something that will help you relax.

Learning to find the quiet in the storm

Do you sometimes feel that the days are not going the way you planned, that sometimes you feel like you are sinking?

During these times we need to learn to find the quiet in the storm. For some that may be an anchor in God or their faith, for others it may be calling a friend or finding a place where you can have some downtime. Whatever, you need to do in the storm, make time to find your quiet, your peace in the storm.

Recognise the work of others

People enjoy their work more and are more productive when they are recognised for the good work that they have done.

In what non-monetary ways do you recognise people's work?

How to stop burnout from stress

How often do you stay at work thinking you must get the task completed, when sometimes the task isn’t as urgent as we think, or another colleague could take responsibility for the task to help reduce your workload?

Think about your own mental health, before staying late at work. If you put it off till tomorrow, would you be more refreshed and complete the task in half the time?  

Do something new

It's easy to let the days pass by and before we know it. we have a day off coming but haven't made any plans.

Sometimes, that is fine and it’s a great thing to do, but sometimes it’s good to do something different, such as taking up a new hobby, meeting up with somebody you haven't seen in ages, whatever you do on your next day off, do something to help your soul feel refreshed. 

Build resilience

How do you build mental health resilience in the workplace? 

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

Do something you enjoy

Are you making time today to do something that you enjoy - it can help keep stress level down and prepare your mind for the week ahead.

It's good to chat

Do you find yourself hiding behind texts?

When somebody says, how are you? Do they respond with, 'I'm fine' or something similar, when really inside they're screaming out in pain, or just wanting to hear another human voice?

While texting serves a purpose, it can also miss out on those that are hurting.

Take time, to think of somebody you can call or meet this weekend and act where you can. 

Everyday is a fresh start

What is your self-talk telling you?
Are you driven by negative thoughts, ‘I can’t do this…’, I’ll never be able to do that…’, ‘if only I was like…’

Or, are they driven by positive thoughts, ‘I can do this, or ‘I can do this with some help, ‘I am unique, I am of value and I have something to offer’, I don’t need to be like…. , I am me.

Every day is a new start, let your self-talk, become positive as it shapes all your interactions.

If you need help to change your thought patterns, reach out to a trusted friend, counsellor, or mentor. 

Let's celebrate uniqueness

We all have mental health, just as we have physical health, and it follows us through life. Let's celebrate each other's uniqueness as we move through this journey. 

Whatever your past, your experience is invaluable

Ask for help

Let's remember to reach out to others for support, and give support. 

Schedule holidays

It's so easy to fill our diaries with tasks, events and meeting, but remember to block out time for yourself and book a mini break or a holiday.

Learn from failure

Sometimes it easy to let our failure define us and stop us moving forward. But when we use our failure to move forward, we have the ability to do greater things.

Let's keep stepping forward.

Keep moving and opening new doors

Trusting you all have the best weekend you can.

Wherever this weekend takes you, keep moving forward and exploring the paths relevant to your lives.

Employees are your greatest asset

How are you doing today? How are your staff doing?

Let's remember to check in on others, particularly at these difficult and uncertain times.

I'm stressed

What are thoughts when you hear the words, 'I'm stressed?'.

Check in on your mental health

Each goal starts with a single step

Dreams and goals

At the start of this New Year. Why not write your goals and dreams so that you can start taking the steps along the way to become the person you want to be.

New year, new goals, new you