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Discover why the course
Supporting a friend experiencing depression 

is helping open discussions around mental health and building stronger relationships
Previously known as "Looking into Depression" course 

Expand your knowledge with a greater understanding of depression and how you can support a person experiencing depression and you will receive a 50% discount today.

Our course is designed for those who want to know more about depression and ways that you can help support a friend / colleague experiencing depression.

This has left some to take random days off, to cope with the 'bad' days, or to attend counselling appointments from feeling ashamed or embarrassed.
However, by working with employers and HR to understand their needs and requirements, sick days can be reduced, productivity can be increased and relationships can be built stronger.
The course includes:

About this course

Written by Sue Cartwright, International Author of 'From Despair to Hope, Here I am Empowered'. 

This This course has been born out of lived experience and working with colleagues, friends and family who have struggled with mental health and depression, but for one reason or another have not felt able to seek the support they need within their friendship circles or workplaces.

About this course

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