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  Working with businesses and individuals, to educate empower and promote a positive mental health culture; both within the workplace and individual lives. 

Like physical health, we all have mental health, and it weaves its way through our daily lives. Impacting our lives and relationships with those around us.

Here at Prioritise Mental Health and Wellbeing we aim to:
  • Educate learners about mental health and its impact on individuals and relationships

  • Empower individuals and workplaces to take responsibility for their own mental health and promote proactive mental health within the workplace.

  • Promote good mental wellbeing within the workplace and individuals 
Raise awareness of mental health, by helping to reduce stigma, which so often blocks people from accessing the services and support they so desperately need.

Sue Cartwright
Founder, Prioritise Mental Health

Book by Sue Cartwright

Sue's personal journey from Despair to Hope and Empowerment. 

In this book Sue shares of her personal struggles with mental health and how with her ARC model, she was able to transform her life from Despair to living a life of Hope and Empowerment.


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